As a makeup artist, I consolidate my kit by using palettes. My problem is, I’m very rough with my belongings. I jam pack my kit and treat my Zuca case like a beach ball, constantly tossing the case in the overhead of a plane or train. Thankfully my Zuca case is quite durable. Sad part is, my palettes typically are not. Although the actual eyeshadows usually survive the trips, their cases I store them in do not. I’ve tried a variety of palettes but none of them have survived more than a few months. The main issue is the top breaks off their hinges virtually breaking the palette in two and exposing the product.

I was recently contacted by Minna Ha, Founder of Unii Cosmetics. She created the Unii Palette, a durable (YES DURABLE), thick plastic freestyle palette that you can use to store different cosmetics. Minna was extremely generous and sent me some samples. First off, I was impressed by the thick plastic case– even the hinges are encased in plastic! I’m a color girl so I got absolutely giddy when I opened the package to see the palette is available in a variety of colors– Pomegranate, Twilight, Lemongrass, Eggplant, and Snow. Since the palette is encased in clear plastic, it makes for easy cleaning.  Each palette comes with a case-matching movable magnetic thumb grip– no more slip!

Each UNII Palette Includes:

• Magnetized Palette, so makeup stays put
• Adhesive magnetic sheet with writable labels
• Large, full-sized mirror for the makeup on the go
• Movable thumb grip (a great feature, especially when applying makeup to clients– no slip!)
• Tight, rubberized seal prevents leaks
• Durable and purse-friendly
• Makeup not included

pomegranate_closed eggplant
snow twilightopen

Video About Unii Palettes

For depot instructions and even an eyeshadow “repair” tutorial (in case you accidentally break a shadow in the depot process) from my friend @EnKoreMakeup, visit here.

For ordering information, please visit:

Update 1-21-2010

Minna, creator and founder, contacted me today to let me know the defect was case specific. The buyer had cleaned her palette with alcohol resulting in the plastic becoming dry and brittle. Here are a few tips for palette cleaning:

First, carefully remove the rubber gasket and steel (magnetic) plate at the bottom. Removing these and washing them separately will prevent the steel plate from scratching the paint off of the inner surfaces of the palette. The mirror is not removable. Please do not use chemicals or cleaning products containing isopropyl alcohol, ammonia, chlorine, or abrasive ingredients, and do not use rough towels or cloths to dry the plastic.

The body:
Carefully clean and wipe the palette with a damp soft cloth. Any abrasion or chemicals may result in removal of the paint on the inner surfaces. The mirror can be cleaned with a damp soft cloth, or with a mild soap if needed. Do not dunk your palette in water, doing so might result in water getting stuck behind the mirror.

The gasket:
The rubber gasket can be removed and washed in the sink with mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly before replacing.

The steel:
The steel plate can be wiped down with a damp soft cloth. Make sure to fully dry the steel plate to prevent it from rusting.

Reassembly of your unii palette
Please make sure everything, especially the steel plate, is completely dry before reassembling your palette, because the steel can rust if water or moisture remains trapped between the steel and plastic case. First, carefully place the dry steel plate, painted side facing up. Next, carefully insert the rubber gasket into the groove along the perimeter of the case.

UPDATE 1-17-2010

Although my UNII Cosmetics palette did not show any apparent defects, there were a few batches released of the palettes that were not up to the standards of UNII Cosmetics. Dedicated to providing a quality product, UNII Cosmetics is currently not shipping any more products while they’re ironing out some manufacturing issues.