As a makeup artist, I have people stop me in my tracks to ask me about products, techniques, and my general opinion about certain brands of makeup.  And there are countless YouTube videos of folks sitting in front of their computer attempting to show the world how to do their own makeup.  Problem is, they’re doing it on their own face.

In an effort to address all makeup concerns, I’m pleased to announce my collaboration with Cover FX, Sigma Makeup, and Cargo Cosmetics to bring you 6 online videos showing you how to do your own makeup!  Flawless Faces for All Races features 6 different models who range in age and ethnicity and with varying skin issues.  In each video, professionally filmed and edited by Portlight Productions, I show you quick and easy makeup techniques to a basic face makeup application, no matter your age or ethnicity.

Today, I had the opportunity to talk about this series on Washington DC’s Let’s Talk Live.  Check out the segment!

Preview some of my before/afters from the series!




Check back for more information on the series, launching September 13, 2010 on this site!