Makeup Artist Victoria Stiles After Weight Loss Shoot- Photo by

Victoria Stiles After Shoot by Tony Veloz

Welcome to the relaunch of Backstage Pass with Victoria Stiles. This year marks my ten year anniversary as an entrepreneur in the field of beauty!  I’m makeup artist Victoria Stiles and I’m excited to announce not only my anniversary in this fabulous field but also the relaunch of my blog, Makeup Artist Backstage – an insider’s look into the world of beauty, fashion, and newly added subject, health.

For many years, Makeup Artist Backstage was a sought after resource for makeup reviews, tips, techniques, beauty trends, and much more!  A few years ago, August of 2011 to be exact, I took a step back from the social media spotlight to address my own health concerns.  My weight had spiraled out of control and found myself weighing in close to 250 pounds.  Carrying around this much excess weight presented a host of health concerns which needed to be addressed immediately.

My first order of business on my path to health and fitness was to pull back a bit on social media which tended to be an enormous time sucker and road to sedentary behavior.  I researched how to eat right, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle, not just for a few months, but a lifestyle which would follow me into the future.  The goal was not just weight loss, it was to get healthy for the long term!

Fast forward to today, May 2014, I am pleased to share that I have lost 100 pounds, kept it off for two years, and have advanced far beyond my dreams in the world of fitness (I’m training for a Spartan Race!).


The relaunch of Makeup Artist Backstage will provide an inside look into the world of beauty, fashion in addition to healthy living and fitness!  My journey into a healthy lifestyle has given me a brand new outlook on life.  I want to share these empowering secrets so others may too excel in their own lives.

My motto:  Secure your oxygen mask before assisting others!  #healthybeautysuccess