Brows shape the face, it’s a fact.  Those sometimes unruly, too thin or too thick accents above your eyes have the ability to redefine your entire face shape.  With so many brow kit options on the market, how does a lady make her choice? Simple, check out Sigma Beauty’s Frame Up Brow Collection for a complete kit that comes in Light, Medium, and Dark, perfect for every shade of brow.


The kit includes:

E75 – Angled Brow & E80 Brow & Lash dual-ended brush
Expert Trim
Expert Tweeze
Brow Powder Duo
Brow Highlight Duo
Brow Wax


1.  Brush brows upward using the E80 Brow and Lash Dual Ended Brush

2.  Using the Expert Tweeze, nab little hairs just under the arch of brow and between brows

3.  For unruly brows, gently trim using Expert Trim

4.  For thinning brows or for a high defined look, fill in using the E75 Angled Brow brush from Sigma and Duo Powder in a shade which compliments your natural hair color (Kit comes in Light, Medium and Dark).

5)  Seal brows using the Brow Wax

6)  Pop the brow bone using the Brow Highlight Duo